Moisture Control


Covers clients who have warranty in the event they get ppb or fungus we will treat at no additional cost.

Moisture Control
  • Termidor Fungus Treatments
  • Moisture & Fungus
  • Moisture & Vapor Barriers
  • Fungus Control
  • De-humidifiers, Fans & Automatic Vents
  • Temperature Vents for Climate Control
  • New Construction Pre-Treatment & Structural Repairs
  • Renovation Pre-Treatment & Structural Repairs
  • Wood Treatments & Await Stations
  • Realestate Letters
  • Termite & Moisture Letters
  • Power Vents & Doors
  • Soil Treatments and Drain Control
  • Sump pump installation w/electrician hook up.

Dehumidifier Packages

Just dehumidifier w/electrician hook up price based on size of crawlspace and the type of dehumidifier needed. Dehumidifier Package dehumidifier w/electrician hook up, Moisture Barrier, Vents, Sand if needed.

  • New Vents
  • Moisture barriers
  • Sand
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Electronic Hookup

Preventative Maintenance

  • Fungus Warranty
  • Termite Warranty
  • Dehumidifier Warranty

Call us for details and what is covered under each warranty.


Sistering joists / installing subfloor / repairing, reinforcing or replacing beams / installing piers/ installing Jacks