Fleas & Ticks



  • Fleas are very small, about 1/6 of an inch and are red-brown colored.
  • They live on bodies of animals and feed on their blood.
  • The control of a flea infestation requires attention to the pet itself, the inside of the home, and activity sites outside.
  • After treatment, it can take up to 2 weeks for fleas are no longer found.

Gulf Coast Ticks

  • These ticks are an orange/ gold color and are about 6 mm long
  • These ticks are found in Virginia around the Great Dismal Swamp, Back Bay, and Portsmouth along the Elizabeth River.

American Dog Tick

  • These ticks have molted gray coloration along their backs and can be 3.6 mm to 1.5 cm long.
  • They are generally found in open fields with tall vegetation but also in forests or where livestock or domestic animals can be found.

Brown Dog Tick

  • These ticks are reddish-brown and are about 1/8 of an inch without feeding.
  • They are generally found in warm areas indoors where dogs are found.

Blacklegged Tick aka Deer Ticks

  • Females of this species are red and brown, roughly 3 mm to 10 mm while the male is generally smaller and uniformly brown.
  • They are generally found in locations where white-tailed deer frequent but will also live in wooded areas along trails.