Roaches (all types)

Roach Varieties

American Cockroach

  • These cockroaches can be up to 2 inches long and are red brown with yellow markings on the back of its head.
  • They are found in food preparation areas as well as warm, damp areas such as sewers and basements. They are most likely to be seen during the day and outdoors.
  • Their diet consists of anything they can find.

German Cockroach

  • These cockroaches are about ½ an inch and are light-brown in color.
  • They are found indoors but prefer warm and humid places such as the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Their diet consists of almost anything they can find.

Oriental Cockroach

  • These cockroaches are about an inch long and can be found from black to dark red-brown.
  • They inhabit sewers and storm culverts and enter buildings through floor drains but also live outdoors in firewood and other areas of protection.
  • During the colder months they will move into basements, cellars, and crawlspaces.
  • Their diet consists primarily on filth.